Monday, July 20, 2015

Expanded Horizons

Every spring now since we bought our house, we've been improving our fencing. The first three springs it involved dog yards. With our desired dog yards in place this season, "we" finished our "perimeter fence."  (In fact it was Northwest Fencing which performed the, as always, excellent work). 

The fence is high enough for supervised play but not as secure as our 6 foot dog yards. 

This will make trailer load up, people-dog socialization and obedience training much easier. 

Yesterday the puppies got a spin in the yard. When they spotted the drive that we run down for training runs, they bolted. They were thwarted, though, by the gate at the end of the drive. So they turned back, tore up the drive and explored. Buck continued to run down the drive to find it still impassible. 

Today, Flier and Tank got a spin. Boy did they have fun in their expanded unleashed world. Flier tested the drive once, but being the intelligent dog he is, didn't bother checking again. 

But the fun quickly devolved into an obsession with the cat temporarily locked in the sled shed (for her own protection). 

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