Sunday, August 2, 2015

Free run snack time

Have I mentioned how much I love our completed "house yard" fence?!? (Thanks Northwest Fencing in Hamilton)! The dogs really love it too. 
Tank was collecting and eating crab apples! Yum!

Flier nervously explored "new lands."

Tank also took some time to roll in the cool grass. 

Look at that grin!

Okie thought it was exciting too but in her old (experienced, she would claim) age, she quickly calmed down and took it all in. 

Then it was Jig and Whip's turn to romp with Okie. They tore around the yard like bats out of hell. 

Until they too discovered the sweet joy of crab apple treats. 

But also couldn't help but run some more. 

After a while I noticed Okie wasn't hanging around. I called and called for her but she didn't come. I started to think she'd found a weakness in the fencing and started scouring the fence line. Then I went back to the dog yard to find her attentive to my call but unwilling to leave the yard. She was I nforming me she had fun but wanted to go back to the comfort of her bed. Good Okie. 

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