Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ridin' in Style

The ByDog Siberian's will be riding in style this season.  We had the axle of the trailer fixed and repainted it.  It's looking sharp!

We've only been out running twice (thanks to pee wee soccer on Saturday mornings and an unusually warm fall). We have been doing some free running around the "house yard." Here are some pictures of the Saw litter (coming up on 1 year old Nov 1st) running about.

A pack of Saw puppies mashed together

Synchronized peeing. Buzz and Buck have some brotherly bonding time.

Running about the yard.

Many of my pictures were like this

Synchronized running. Whip and Jig, rounding the tree.

Buzz, Whip and Jig.

They love running laps around the house. Buzz.

And around comes Jig

....and Whip.....

.....And Buck.....

ByDog's Buzzsaw Millwright

ByDog's Whipsaw Lumberjack

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