Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday evening fun

It's been on and off stormy and rainy today but luckily in the evening, when I planned to run the team, the clouds parted and the wind calmed. 

Rohn and I took the team out for 5 miles. Okie started in lead with Jig but, she struggles when she runs next to competent leaders. She tried to turn the team around when not asked. I put Whip up with Jig. They did amazing! Even ran the team past a herd of deer only 10 feet away!

Boy it was fun spending the Saw Litter's 2nd Birthday running!

Buck and Buzz

Jig (lead) and Flier and Okie (swing)

Whip very proud of herself (as she should be)

The team taking a water break

Flier and Okie

Handsome Buck

Silly Buzz

Tank the Tank!

Tenny and Isis

The jolly leaders


Ready to go!

When we got home this is how I found the house cat, Montana (she loves the dog beds)...

And the retired dog, Blue...

Rough life!

Whip would be so embarrassed that I'm sharing this picture; don't tell her:

Love your puppas!

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