Sunday, November 8, 2015

Warm weekend

It was a warm weekend. After it had been so cool during the week, I was slow to get up and out to run dogs (bad musher!). When I did, it was getting close to too hot. So we took it slow and had a number of water breaks and rests. Tank an Okie led the team and did wonderfully! Thankfully Okie was there too keep Tank from veering off course (he's a bit of a distractable "leader"). 

On our way out!

First break. The largest and the smallest leading the team. 

Tank taking in the view. 

Jig and Flier are good buddies and love running together. 

Whip so strong for her little sature. 

Buck and Buzz!

Beautiful fall colors for our second break. 

We love fall! It's so pretty and we get to start running again!!!


On our way home!

And your weekly silly Whip photo!

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