Monday, December 28, 2015

Awesome Dogsitter!

My friend, Toby, graciously agreed to take care of the pack over the Christmas weekend while we visited my family in Richland, WA. She took amazing care of the dogs and I felt at ease the whole time knowing she was watching out for them. Not to mention she took tons of amazing photos of the dogs and constantly kept us updated on their well being. Check out the wonderful photos:

Tank and Okie, standing proud!

This handsome bugger has my heart!

This guy (Buzz) is a goof (and all tongue). 

Buck again. Look deep into those eyes!

Lanky, but beautiful Tank. Very affectionate too!

Timid Flier, only really likes loves from his musher mom and dad. 

Isis, always ready for attention!

...and to play with Tensaw. 

Here's that good again!

The yard. Very pretty in the snow. 

Lovely backlight. 

The morning of the day we came home. They knew we were on our way. Just waiting. 

This picture is absolutely stunning! Well taken, Toby!

Now that we're home best get some more miles under our feet:

Jog and Whip


Isis and Flier


Buck and Buzz. 

Thanks again, Toby!!!

Love your puppas!

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