Monday, January 11, 2016

One Of Those Days

Yesterday was one of those days. One of those days where I say "This Is Why We Do This!" I'm not gonna lie, being a musher is really hard sometimes. Taking care of a team of dogs is a 24/7, year round commitment. When it's pouring rain, you go out and feed and pick up poop and socialize with the dogs. If you ever go on a trip (which isn't long and isn't very often), part of your heart breaks driving away and you're always thinking of the team. There are days you just want to be lazy on the couch but your team wants and needs to run, so you do it. So yes, it's a commitment and it takes work. But I also just love it an yesterday was just one of many days that get me through the tough ones. 

The trail was absolutely gorgeous! The dogs were fast and powerful. My leaders were spot on. We had so much fun! We had three successful, free-running dog passes (something we've struggled with over the last year)! My leaders, Jig and Whip, are clearly learning their commands. And we went fast (for us!). 9.8 miles in 50 minutes. Boy it was fun!

Love your puppas!

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