Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tank's Birthday Party

Monday morning I told Rohn it was Tank's birthday.
"Are we invited to the party?"-Rohn
"You know I mean Tank, the dog, right?"-Me
"Yea, are we invited to the party?"-Rohn
"I guess we could throw him a party."-Me
"Let's have cake!"-Rohn

So that's what we did, we made a cake that supposedly humans and dogs could eat.

Tank invited his best friend, Isis, to the party. We sang him "Happy Birthday" and we ate cake.....

...or we tried to eat cake. Unfortunately, by making it edible for both dogs and people it was not enticing to either. The boys didn't like it and Tank didnt finish his but the rest of the dogs ate theirs.

The boys did have a blast and screamed "this is the best day ever!" So I deem it a successful birthday party.

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