Saturday, February 20, 2016

Kindergarten Demo

This past week, on Monday, we had some fun introducing a bunch of Kindergarteners (Keegan's class) to dog powered sports. 

In the morning, we sent Keegan in on the school bus then began prepping the team. We decided to run some of the energy off of them before hand, to not disturb other classes. I ran the 8-dog team down to the school with the ATV (about a 4.5 mile run) while Cobey followed (sometimes led) with the truck and trailer with the sleds. The team did really well. Before getting to the school I pulled off and waited for Cobey to confirm the kids were outside to see the team run. I switched Jig out of lead for Tank. (Jig is way to nervous around new people to lead into the school yard). 

The team did wonderfully. The kids lined up and all declared Tank their favorite dog. The team sat there and drank their water while I explained dog sledding and the gear. The kids "asked questions" many "questions" were actually statements about which dog is their favorite or about their own pets. There were a few very thoughful questions though. 

After that our three timid dogs were put in their boxes and the rest got lots of petting from the kids. They all loved it. 

Finally I showed them canicross and let them stand on the sleds. The kids seemed to really enjoy it almost as much as some of the parents there ;) by the end, Buzz was the favorite...because of those bi-eyes! One girl said "How isthat possible?!? It's crazy!" Her mind was blown!

That was fun and the dogs did AMAZING!

Love your puppas! 

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  1. My son attended his school for 3 years. He started in the 2 year old class room and stayed until last year when he was ready for kindergarten. I was pleased with what the Phoenix kindergarten had to offer.