Friday, April 1, 2016

Snow Retreating

A couple weekends back we ran the dogs on Nez Perce Road, up the West Fork of the Bitterroot. One of our favorite quiet places to run dogs in the winter.  But it was losing snow fast.  That was likely the last weekend for this season to run up Nez Perce! 

Dry patches on the side of the trail!

Just before we traversed dry land.
As my sled was pulled over a couple patches of gravel and dirt, I first fretted about my runners (before I remembered I was going to get new plastic for next season anyways) and then thought, I'm like an Iditarod musher now. How sad is that.  I now associated running your sled over dry ground with the Iditarod!

Had a lovely time with this handsome little man!

These two golly girls and wonderful leaders!

Tank, just like his late mom Paluk, just can't stop for more than a few minutes before he is begging to start running again!


Buzz! (Isis and Tensaw thought something smelled exciting off the trail)
Last weekend I was going to take my sister and her kids on a dog sled ride.  The snow is great at the pass and the weather had been cool.  Unfortunately, I came down with a cold with a fever the day we were going to go :( Hopefully next year she comes back in the winter and we can take her out! 

Over the last few days the temperatures have risen and the dogs and boys and I have been enjoying the sun and fun in the yard! Whip got a little too excited about the cup of grape juice on the table spilling juice everywhere when pulling it down.

Jig got to be the adventure dog on our hike partly up Chaffin butte. She did wonderfully and had a good time.

We played some hide and seek back at home.  My hiding spots are always compromised by the pack of dogs that follows me around.

Spent a while in this dog box as the youngest had trouble finding me here....even with the dogs all circling the dog trailer trying to figure out a way in. Man these are nice roomy, comfy boxes!  No wonder they can't wait to get in the trailer.  And some don't want to get out when we get home!

And the necessary silly picture of Whip (lower right corner).  I never fail to get a picture of her right when she's shaking off or being silly.

Love your puppas!