Wednesday, November 29, 2017

GOAL: IFSS World Championships 2019 - Canicross

Last weekend was the 2017 IFSS Dryland World Championships in Kozle-Szamotuly, Poland. I have been increasingly interested in Dryland events after competing at the Spokane Dirt Rondy.
I have spent a lot of time looking at the Women's Canicross Elite results. There were 48 participants representing 22 nations (France, Slovakia, Norway, Spain, Poland, Mexico, Great Britain, Canada, Austria, Belarus, Italy, USA, Argentina, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands and Hungary).

The winners, Martina Stepankova from Czech Republic and her dog, ran a blazing total time (two day accumulative time) of 20 min 33 sec for 4.72 miles. (That is 4:21/mile pace!!!!!). The last competitor finished in 38:58 (8:15/mile pace). At this point in my training, I wouldn't be in the winners circle but I could definitely compete in middle of the pack!

The United States had a dismal number of participants. I would like to see more people from Team USA in 2019 and I would like to see us do better!

So I am announcing my goal! I intend on qualifying for the 2019 Dryland World Championships USA Team for Women's Elite Canicross.

I have already begun training with the help of my friend Ashley Palacio and her dog Jazzy. I'm testing out which dog will be my main canicross dog. Currently, it is between Flier, Buck and Buzz. I don't intend on making this decision now so these guys are my training pool of dogs for the time being. Unfortunately, Tank who was my phenomenal canicross dog at the Spokane Dirt Rondy will be almost 9 years old in 2019 and probably not the top choice.

I, of course, will continue to train and race the whole team in dryland and snow events but think we will be most competitive in the canicross division so have set my Worlds goal in that category. I'll keep everyone posted on ByDog Siberian racing, training, and life as well as the process towards Worlds in Canicross!!

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