Friday, November 10, 2017

The Cart

A week ago we raced a 4-dog team at the Spokane Dirty Rondy using a three wheeled, extremely light-weight cart.

Picture courtesy of Wendy Devent

Backing up about 9 months, a teacher in Missoula reached out to our mushing club looking to see if anyone would be able to do a classroom visit with their sled dogs. I volunteered and took my team up for demonstrations and petting. Following the demo, the teacher and her partner asked if I'd be interested in a dog cart they had. It had been hanging in their garage for a while, unused, and they'd like to see it pulled by some dogs. I said, I was interested and would be in touch.

Well time got away from me and before I knew it, it was time to start running dogs and I contacted the women, Cathy and Leila. One Sunday last month, we drove up to Missoula to pick it up. Much to my surprise, it was a SUPER nice, very light weight cart that looked to be made by Specialized or at least with parts from Specialized.

This was the cart we used at the race, which many of the mushers commented on how lightweight and fast it looked. And the cart my team pulled to a first place finish (still so proud of them).

Again, I want to thank Leila and Cathy for giving us the cart, which was so incredibly generous! You have no idea how happy it has made me and the dogs. This also opens up our training possibilities as we were confined to the same route from our house over and over again because of transport issues with the dogs and an ATV. Now we can venture to new trails in the spring and fall!!

Thank you!!!!

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