Saturday, September 15, 2018

Training Again

We have begun our fall training!

Canicross came first. At the very beginning of September, there was a cool enough morning that Buck and I ran some hill repeats. Obviously, my training has continued through the summer and the intense workouts started a few weeks back. People can handle the high temperatures due to our ability to sweat. Dogs on the other hand can only cool themselves through panting and the pads on their paws. I will not train my dogs in temperatures above 55 when they are in their summer coats (and even then it must be starting to cool down or be overcast). 

Then on Thursday night this week the temperatures dropped rapidly and I realized, we can run! So I took my top dogs (Whip, Jig, Buck and Flier) on a short, easy 3 mile run to see how they would handle it. They were excited!
4-dog teams are fun!

Stellar leaders!

Getting close up photos of your dogs is a tough job
Water break. During early fall training we take water breaks (small amounts) to ease into the training and to help cool them down.

This morning it was 47degF so I hooked up 7 dogs and we were down the drive! Boy it is fun to be running the dogs again!

Looks at these guys!! Ready to go!

The beauty of the Bitterroot valley mornings behind a team of dogs never gets old!