Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Fall Season Line-up

Now that the fall temperatures are consistently cool for training it's time to talk about races!

I have been training all year long and am ready for a race or two!

We plan to compete in three dryland races around the region this season:
1) Oct 20-21 Run-A-Way Dryland race in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada (IFSS sanctioned)
2) Nov 3-4 Spokane Dirt Derby in Spokane, Washington
3) Nov 10-11 Western MT Dirt Derby Lubrecht Forest, Grenough, Montana (IFSS sanctioned, and hosted by the club we are members of)

Our racing team is rapidly shrinking, though, due to age. We are currently down to 7 dogs that run regularly (two of them, Tensaw and Isis, were not on my race team last year).

Here is the status on the team:
Buck is my strongest, craziest dog. He also is my canicross dog. So this fall he will not be on my 4-dog cart team. He is the legs of the team.

Whip is a strong, smart, little girl. She is a solid, important member of my 4-dog team. She is the heart of the team.

Jig is another smart, little girl. She also is crucial to my 4-dog team. She is the brains of the team.

Flier is my second strongest dog and also a great canicross dog for small events. He suffers from low thyroid levels and anxiety so he will not be my main canicross dog, a trip to Latvia for Worlds would be too much for him. He is an amazing athlete though, loves to run and is therefore a crucial member of my 4-dog team. At races where I do not run my 4-dog team (like Run-A-Way race, I will just be doing canicross), my mushing friend Sonya will run Flier with her dog Kaya in scooter or bikejoring.

Tensaw is nearly 11 years old and struggles to keep up with the rest of the dogs. He mostly only runs on slow, short training runs. Though, if we just want to round out a team and race, Tensaw has the ability.

Isis has never been fast but is consistent. She likely will be back on the race team this year.

Buzz has decided this season he does not want to run most days. Buzz suffers from low thyroid levels (corrected with medication) as well as seizures and I believe that has taken its toll on him. He will only run on days he wants to.

Tank is our biggest dog and his size is catching up with him. This January he will turn 8 but, he seems to be going on 11. He has arthritis in his back and, though his head and heart still want to run, he cannot do so anymore. He may go out on short training runs or canicrossing but I doubt he'll be competing anymore.

Okanogan is our oldest dog. She is 13 years old and retired quite a few seasons again. She is the mother of Buck, Buzz, Whip and Jig and taught them everything she knows. She was an amazing lead dog and imparted that natural and taught ability on her girls, Jig and Whip.

Looking forward to the racing!!!!!

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