Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Puppy Announcement: Vaccines Save Lives

We would like to introduce you to our newest ByDog family member: Tumnatki's Vaccines Save Lives of ByDog, aka: Vaxie.

She was part of the Public Health litter from Karen Yeargain at Tumnatki Siberians in Oregon. Her mother was Malala and father was Tovar. Karen and I are in the public health fields and we thought it appropriate for this litter, in the middle of a pandemic.

Our team is getting a little old and we figured it was past time for us to add to the crew. She is a very smart, sweet, energetic and happy puppy. She's learning fast and trying to make friends but all these old dogs here are less than ideal playmates.

A friend will also be getting a puppy soon and Vaxie can't wait to have someone fun to play with! Enough talk, here are some photos of cuteness:

First night with, at the time, a still unnamed sweet puppy.

Vaxie on the long trip home. AWWWW! 

Still in the majority of the day napping phase.

Vaxie with her pal, Buzz. 
Wild About Cats Rescue & Sanctuary

Sleeping puppies (like babies) are so cute!

She loves her bed!

Trying on a harness like a "big girl." Just like the first time in a collar, she didn't care at all about the harness! She's born to be a cuddly sleddog!!

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